WWII Veteran Turns 108!

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“NEW ORLEANS – The National World War II Museum helped one of their oldest surviving veterans celebrate his 108th birthday.

The popular singing trio, known as The Victory Belles, helped the staff at the museum celebrate Private First Class Lawrence Brooks’ major milestone.

“It’s breath taking and I really appreciate them putting my daddy on the spotlight like this and showing that they appreciate his service and everything and I think this is what’s giving him the longevity that he has,” Brooks’ daughter, Vanessa, said.

This is the third year the staff has hosted a party on September 12 for Brooks, who was born in 1909. He is considered one of the oldest surviving veterans in the region. When he served, it was with the predominantly African American 91st Engineer Battalion.

His role was to assist three white officers. When asked the secret to his longevity, Brooks’ answer was simple yet profound.

“Be nice to people. Treat people nice. Don’t hate…hatred. You might not believe it but in the eyesight of God, we’re all sisters and brothers. That’s what I lives on,” Brooks said.

Brooks said he feels good and appreciates al the fuss for his birthday, the service to his country and most of all his life and legacy.”

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